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Pelleted Chicken Manure Fertilizer

Our fertilizer gives your land the best value

About Us

Welcome to New Horizons Ag

Welcome to New Horizons Ag, suppliers of natural and certified organic input fertilizers. A natural product with proven performance, chicken manure is the cost effective and environmentally sound solution you have been looking for. Chicken Manure Pellets from New Horizons Ag in Desboro, mid-western Ontario are for landscapers, horticulturalists and hobby gardeners who want to keep their gardens as natural as they can be.

Owner Sheldon Martin invested in a pelleting machine to create fertilizer from the chicken manure and bedding after each flock left the barn. Making this decision was a win-win: to not only recycle the chicken manure and bedding but also to provide a naturally derived fertilizer that is safer for plants, the environment and gardeners.

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Canada’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050 presents a serious challenge for energy-intensive industries.


The agricultural sector is responsible for ammonia emissions impacting air quality. A series of best practices can be applied to curb emissions.


From summer 2022 onward, fertilizer producers, traders and farmers will be confronted with the EU Fertilizing Products Regulation (FPR).


Organic Input Fertilizer

You can’t get more natural than that.

Our goal is to provide you with personalized, courteous and prompt service. Prices are calculated per tone or per cubic meter and vary depending on order size and locality. For your unique requirements, please contact us to discuss your pricing options.


How to use

Trees & Shrubs

  • 1.

    Dig Holes Around root system of tree or shrub (about 3″ deep & wide and approx. 15″ apart).

  • 2.

    Fill the Chicken manure pellets. Cover with soil and gently pack the soil.

  • 3.

    Water to moisten the soil.

Flowerbeds & Gardens

  • 1.

    Agitate the soil.

  • 2.

    Spread handfuls of chicken manure pellets throughout soil plot.

  • 3.

    Cover pellets with at least 1″ of soil to prevent odors

  • 4.

    Water to moisten the soil

Flowerbeds & Gardens


Fertilize every 3-4 months.

1 barn-full of recycled chicken manure and bedding equals approx. 8.000 5kg bags of fertilizer. That’s approx. 50.000 bags/year!



New Horizons Ag chicken manure pellets have many benefits for your plants and the environment.


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